SDuel recommends Microsoft SQL Server  2019.

What are some of the advantages of using a SQL Server database over
other types of databases?

SQL Server offers many advantages over other types of databases.
Some of those advantages include the following:

1. Harness the power of big data

Big data clusters with scalable compute and storage composed of
SQL Server, Spark, and HDFS. Cache data in scale-out data marts.

2. Bring AI to your workloads

A complete AI platform to train and operationalize models in SQL
Server ML Services or Spark ML using Azure Data Studio notebooks.

3. Eliminate the need for data movement

Data virtualization allows queries across relational and
non-relational data without movement or replication.

4. Explore and interact with visual data

Visual data exploration and interactive analysis using
SQL Server BI tools and Power BI Report Server.

5. Run real-time analytics on operational data

In-memory technologies for analytics on operational data using HTAP.
Higher concurrency and scale through persistent memory.

6. Automatically tune SQL Server

Intelligent Query Processing improves scaling of queries and
Automatic Plan Correction resolves performance problems.

7. Reduce database maintenance and increase business uptime

Greater uptime with more online indexing operations. Now run Always
On availability groups on containers using Kubernetes.

8. Boost security and protect data in use

SQL Server enables layers of security including protection of
computations in Always Encrypted secure enclaves.

9. Track compliance with sophisticated resources

Data Discovery & Classification labeling for GDPR and
Vulnerability Assessment tool to track compliance.

10. Optimize with choice and flexibility

Support for your choice of Windows, Linux, and containers. Run Java
code on SQL Server and store and analyze graph data.

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